From our littlest dancers to our most experienced, there is a class here for every age and skill level.


Young Girls Beginner and Intermediate Class

Ages 2 - 12 years old

This is a fun class for little girls who love to dance every time music comes on. These little ladies learn the basics of Tahitian dance and language through fun games, take-home worksheets and interacting with fellow dancers and their instructors. Puaiti girls are separated into beginner and intermediate classes.

Dancers 4 years old and under will need to have a parent that will participate in class with them to help learn basics, and encourage participation.


Women's Beginner Class

Ages 13 - Adult

A slower class for women who have never danced before. This class introduces them to very basic Tahitian dance movements/techniques, and the Tahitian vocabulary associated with it. These classes will also teach a dancer how to control their bodies while loosening up the hips and strengthening core, leg and arm muscles.


Women's Intermediate Class

Ages 13 - Adult

Students of this class know all correct Tahitian terms for dance movements, dance styles and instruments. This fast paced class focuses on honing basic techniques and introduces students to more advanced Tahitian techniques.


Teen Girl's Class

Ages 13 - 17

This class teaches and builds upon Tahitian movements/techniques. All teens, regardless of skill level, dance together to motivate and encourage each other. While we teach Tahitian, we also help each of our girls cultivate their strength, their values, and their confidence.


Women's Class


Age is nothing but a number! This class is full of sassy "aunties" that love to dance. So much so that they refuse to retire their pareu. This class focuses on loosening hips and backs, building strength and stamina, and having a whole lot of fun doing what we love.


Men and Boys Class

Ages 6 - Adult

During this class our instructor teaches the basic ori tahiti movements for guys. This is a high aerobic class that guarantees a work out for the legs and core. Men will build up stamina and hone coordination. Bring a sweat towel... you'll need it.


All Skill Levels

All Ages

Pehe or drum beats is the heartbeat of 'Ori Tahiti. During drum class, students learn to play and recognize the sounds of the different pehe of 'Ori Tahiti. They also learn the correct names of the pehe, the names of the different drums and instruments, as well as how to structure and move through an otea arrangement.

Vancouver, Washington's only pupu ori (Tahitian dance group) dedicated to perpetuating and sharing authentic Ori Tahiti (Tahitian dance), music, language, art, and culture with communities across the Pacific Northwest.

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