What started as a dream for one sister, evolved into a business worth investing in for both...



Sharing authentic Ori Tahiti (Tahitian dance), music, language, art and the culture with communities across the Pacific Northwest.


est 2011


Ora Nui Tahitian Dance Troupe is a dance school owned and operated by Polynesian sister duo Roxie "Tevai" Gabriel and Charlie Okada. The school is a way for them to share their love of authentic Ori Tahiti (Tahitian dance), music, language and the culture with the communities across the Pacific Northwest. It was created by Roxie after her teachers/owners of the Tahiti-based dance group, Marania Haoragi, saw in her the talent and passion needed to entrust her with their knowledge and blessings. 

Together the sisters, Charlie and Roxie, teach Tahitian dance classes throughout the week at Ora Nui dance studio, where girls and guys as young as four years old are taught authentic Tahitian dance techniques, language and customs. Tahitian, being one of the most physically challenging Polynesian dance styles, allows for dedicated dancers to develop strength and endurance right along with poise, grace and agility.  Ora Nui students gain this along with the solid family values Charlie and Roxie were brought up on and integrate into their studio, Respect, Integrity and the Hawaiian idea of ALOHA


Charlie O.
Vahine Instructor

Growing up in a very artistic family it is no surprise that music became an outlet for Charlie. She has danced hula and ori tahiti since she was a little girl, enjoys a good jam session on the ukulele, guitar, or drums, and has even done a few musical plays. After graduating from the Art Institute of Portland with a Bachelor's in Fine Arts, Charlie has helped her sister run Ora Nui. She's usually the one organizing the events, the paperwork, and the accounts, but still prefers to have her feet dancing across the studio floor every week.

Meet the Instructors

Roxie "Tevai" Morales
Founder & Ra'atira

Born to dance, Roxie Gabriel has been a pupil of Hula, Tahitian, Samoan and Maori dance styles since she was 6 years old. She has danced, trained, and competed in Hawaii under the direction of Aunty Tahia Parker with Marania Haoragi. After moving to Vancouver, WA, with Aunty Tahia's blessing, Roxie opened Ora Nui Tahitian Dance Troupe and continues to share her knowledge and love of ori tahiti with the Northwest.

Ra'atira (in training)

Daughter to Ra'atira Roxie, it is no surprise Mika learned to dance before she could walk. Growing up in Hawai'i she has been dancing 'Ori Tahiti since she was 2 years old when she would follow her mom and dance aunties around the studio floor. Her love of 'Ori has lead her heart, and her feet since. ​Following in her mom's footsteps, Mika is trained in 'Ori Tahiti, Hula, Samoan Siva, and the Taiaha of Aotearoa. Her love for her culture, and those she has adopted as her own, run deep.

Trained in 'Ori Tahiti by Maohi Nui & Ali'itasi, Samoan Siva by Hope Pomele of Sale'ia Dance Troupe, and trained in the taiaha with Te Whare Tu Taua o Aotearoa. 

Tane & Drumming Instructor

Born and raised in Hawai'i, Marcos found his love in drumming after his wife, Ra'atira Roxie, brought him to dance practice with her. While waiting for class to finish, Mervin Lilo of Maohi Nui gave him a drum and told him he might as well play while he waited. The rest is history.